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Metropolitan Compactor Service Corporation

The Compactor Experts with a History of Success

Established in 1983, Metropolitan Compactor is a family-owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing, design, installation, repair and maintenance of refuse handling systems for multi-story residential buildings.

Our company was built from the ground up, with our founder gaining first-hand experience in refuse system design and manufacturing as he worked at the forefront of the movement to replace incinerators with compactors in the 1970's. Metropolitan began as a manufacturer of high-quality, practical and durable Metro-Pak refuse management systems. As compactors became more prevalent and recycling more commonplace, we extended our services to include service, parts and maintenance of all brands of chute and compactor systems. Originally situated in Middlesex, NJ, our business is currently located in Cranford, NJ, ideally positioned to serve residential buildings throughout the NJ and NY Metropolitan area. Metropolitan Compactor is the preferred choice of local multi-level residential building owners, managers, superintendents and architects.

Safety First

At Metropolitan, our field personnel maintain OSHA safety certifications and follow the best safety practices in the workplace. We maintain a clean, safe and drug-free workplace with a fine staff of full-time employees.


Metropolitan Engineer Demonstrates Replacing a Bag on a Bag CompactorMetropolitan Engineer Demonstrates Replacing a Bag on a Bag Compactor

Metropolitan Engineer Shows Trash Chute OperationMetropolitan Engineer Shows Trash Chute Operation

Compactors, Chutes and Doors

Multi-level residential building owners, property managers, superintendents and architects trust Metropolitan Compactor to provide them with everything from durable, custom-designed linen and recycling chutes and refuse compaction systems to system parts, repair and maintenance. Our vast industry experience has made us the all-around experts in every aspect of multi-level apartment, housing complex and dormitory residential compactor systems.

Our team will use their vast industry knowledge to design, manufacture and install a durable linen, recycling or waste disposal system appropriate for the size and use of your building. If you currently have a refuse chute, recycling chute, linen chute or compactor system in your building and are in need of maintenance and repairs, we can supply the service and parts for all brands of permanent chutes, doors and compactors. Explore our wide range of residential waste management services.

Reliable Service

When your linen or garbage chute or door needs repair, you risk an interruption in your building's refuse disposal routine, leading to unhappy employees and residents as well as unsanitary building conditions. That's why you need a seasoned team of trash chute door and chute repair and maintenance specialists who have the expertise to quickly diagnose and remedy door and chute issues before they cause a backlog in your building's waste disposal service. Metropolitan Compactor is the rubbish chute and door installation, maintenance and repair company preferred by building owners, managers and architects throughout NJ and the NY metro area.

Service: Reliable Dependability

When your recycling, linen or trash compactor door or chute needs repair, our highly skilled team of service and repair technicians will quickly diagnose and repair the problem before the residents of your multilevel apartment building or dormitory, or your hotel employees, are disrupted by a service stoppage. The door repair and maintenance technicians at Metropolitan Compactor are experienced in all aspects of compactor door and chute repair and maintenance and can fix or replace all types, sizes and brands of chutes and hydraulic-closure stainless steel compactor doors. You can count on Metropolitan Compactor for outstanding trash chute and compactor door repair and maintenance!

Who We Serve

Owners, property managers and superintendents of mid- to high-rise apartment buildings, housing complexes, hotels and dormitories count on Metropolitan Compactor for advanced chute system and door installation, maintenance and repairs. With over 35 years of industry experience, we have acquired the knowledge and advanced skills needed to outfit multilevel buildings with user-friendly waste management system doors and chutes and to keep them in excellent working condition through regular trash chute and door maintenance. We repair and replace UL-rated debris chutes and doors for all existing bag or container compactors, regardless of model. Metropolitan Compactor is the #1 choice of NJ and NY metro area building owners for linen and trash chute and door installation, maintenance and repairs.

What Does Metropolitan Compactor Bring to Trash, Recycling & Linen Management Today?

1. Manufacturing and Design Expertise

As seasoned experts with over 35 years of experience in providing solid waste management solutions, we have a long history of success in meeting the refuse disposal needs of multi-level residential building owners and managers. We handle refuse disposal projects of all sizes in mid- to high-rise apartment buildings, housing developments, hotels, and dormitories-designing, manufacturing and installing practical, easy-to-use systems that are perfectly suited to each building's needs.

2. Highest-Quality Compactors and Chutes

We provide you with peace of mind that the residents of your building won't be inconvenienced by an interruption in their garbage and recycling disposal service. Each of our compactor systems are designed and manufactured in the US using the highest quality materials, to ensure our systems are safe and long-lasting.

3. Fast, Reliable Compactor, Chute and Door Maintenance and Repair Service

Our fleet of trucks is active in the NJ/NY Metropolitan area every day, positioning us to be responsive to your needs. If any aspect of your building's collection or compaction system is in need of service or repair, we'll quickly have it up and running quickly and for the long haul.

Metropolitan Compactor Service Corporation

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