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When your garbage disposal system needs waste compactor maintenance or repairs, you're at risk of inconveniencing the residents of your mid- to high-rise building with an interruption in their refuse disposal routine. Slow or ineffective compactor equipment repair can lead to unhappy building residents and unsanitary building conditions. That's why you need a seasoned team of compactor equipment service and repair specialists that have the expertise to quickly diagnose and remedy any issues before they cause a backup in your building's refuse disposal service. Metropolitan Compactor's highly trained team of compactor service and repair technicians are available in the NJ and NY metro area on a daily basis to promptly and efficiently provide you with expert maintenance and compactor repair service. You can depend on the experts at Metropolitan Compactor to repair your garbage compactor and keep it running reliably for years to come.

Reliable Dependability for Compactor Repairs

Mid- to High-rise apartment building, housing complex, hotel and dormitory owners, property managers and superintendents rely on Metropolitan Compactor for fast and reliable commercial compactor repair and service. Our 35+ years of industry experience has given us the know-how to repair or replace compactor parts for any model of bag or container compactor, making us the #1 choice of New Jersey and New York metro area building owners for trash compactor maintenance and repair.

High-quality Compactor Maintenance Service Matters

Our team of expert trash compactor service and repair technicians will promptly repair your waste disposal system before an interruption in service inconveniences the residents of your mid- to high-rise apartment building, hotel or dormitory. We have decades of experience in all areas of trash compactor repair, including replacement of hydraulic, electronic and mechanical compactor parts and correction of structural issues. Our compactor maintenance team has earned its reputation in the New Jersey and NY Metro area for providing fast, prompt and reliable service and repair of all types, sizes and brands of compactors.


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Why Hire Metropolitan Compactor for Trash Compactor Repair and Maintenance?

1. Industry Expertise

We've been the trusted experts for trash compactor repair and service in multilevel, multi-family residential buildings since 1983. We've gained over 35 years of specialized industry knowledge, which makes us uniquely qualified to service your trash compactor to prevent system malfunctions. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly diagnose and repair any brand or type of waste management compactor system.

2. Fast, Dependable Compactor Repair Service

When your building's waste management system isn't working correctly, we'll quickly and effectively get it up and running so your building's residents experience as little inconvenience as possible. Because we have a fleet of trucks active in the NJ/NY metropolitan area on a daily basis, we can provide you with fast, dependable trash compactor repair service.

3. Reliable Compactor Maintenance Service

Your building's compactor system will perform at its best if it's well-maintained and potential problems are addressed before they cause a system breakdown. You can count on Metropolitan Compactor's seasoned team of technicians to extend the life of your refuse compactors through regular compactor maintenance service.

Metropolitan Compactor Service Corporation

The #1 NJ and NY Metro Area Compactor Maintenance and Repair Company

New Jersey and New York metro area multilevel residential building owners, property managers, superintendents and architects trust Metropolitan Compactor to maintain and repair their trash compactors. Our fast, dependable compactor repair service and reliable compactor maintenance service have earned us a reputation as the top compactor maintenance and repair service provider in the NJ/ NY metro area.

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